Achievements can be earned by achieving certain feats and objectives in the game. Completing an achievement will reward you with a unique title that you can display to strike fear or praise among Arena combatants.

List of Achievements and RequirementsEdit

# Achievement/Title Requirement
1 New To It All

Complete the Tutorial.

2 Won A Fight Once Win you first battle.
3 Killshot Defeat an enemy with a hit that does at least 50 damage over what is needed.
4 Has A BFF Add your first friend.
5 Helpful Person

Complete your first five quest.

6 Needs A Loan Spend 1,000 gold.
7 Musclebound Deal over 100 damage to a single enemy.
8 All-Star Rookie Win your first Arena battle.
9 Serpent Slayer Defeat the Earthquake Serpent 10 times.
10 Tough Guy Reach level 10.
11 First-Time Smith Craft your first armor set.
12 First-Time Fuser Enhance your first armor set.
13 Novice Combiner Combine your first two armor sets.
14 Uses Time Wisely Play for an hour total.
15 Fashionista Wear 5 different armor sets.
16 Go-Getter Complete 25 quests.
17 Gets By Okay

Spend 10,000 Gold.

18 Has A Posse Have 5 friends.
19 Warrior of Tides

Defeat the Water Elemental 10 times.

20 Scrappy Defeat an enemy with 1HP remaining.
21 Gemspender

Spend 10 Gems.

22 Fearless Leader Have friends help out in battle 10 times.
23 Treasure Hunter Open the Silver Chest10 times.
24 Dubious Ally Defeat 10 Friends in PvP battles
25 Number 1 Fan Play at least once a day for five days in a row.
27 Invests Wisely Spend 100,000 Gold.
28 Crimson Knight Defeat the Crimson Dragon 10 times.
29 Trendsetter Spend 100,000 on Armor.
30 People Person Have 15 Friends.
31 Historian Re-watch any quest conversation from the Quest Archive.
32 Big-Time Charmer Have 30 Friends.
33 Heavyweight Reach level 25.
34 Banned From Zoos Defeat the Mighty Mammoth Rider 10 times.
35 Has No Queen Defeat Titania, Faerie Queen 10 times.
36 Treasure Finder Open the Enchanted Chest 5 times.
37 Masterful Fuser Enhance 100 Armor sets.
38 Storm Chaser Defeat Waterio 10 times.
39 Novice Smith Upgrade a Common Armor or Uncommon Armor set to its max level.
40 King Combiner Create 10 new armor sets by combining old Armor]] sets.
41 Chick Magnet Defeat the Cockatrice 10 times.
42 Tournament Hero Earn 5,000 Tournament Points through PVP battles.
43 Landowner Spend 200,000 on buildings & building upgrades.
44 Triple Threat Defeat the Chimera 10 times.
45 Proud Gem Owner Buy any amount of Gems.
46 Rolling in Dough Spend 10,000,000 Gold.
47 Unstoppable Reach level 50.
48 Kraken Killer Defeat the Swamp Kraken 10 times.
49 Black Medalist Earn a Black Medal in an Arena Tournament.
50 De-Throner Defeat the Dark Prince 10 times.
51 Roc Ruiner Defeat the Roc God 10 times.
52 Pirate Conqueror Defeat Ghostbeard the Pirate 10 times.
53 Penny Pincher Have 1 Million gold at any time.
54 Gold Medalist Earn a Gold medal in Arena tournament.
55 Expert Smith Upgrade an Ultra Rare Armors or Legendary Armor set to its max level.
56 Bronze Medalist Earn a Bronze Medal in an Arena Tournament.
57 Skilled Smith Upgrade a Rare Armors or Super Rare Armor to its max level.
58 World Traveler Unlock all areas on the original game map.
59 Room To Stretch Build all castle expansions..
60 Silver Medalist Earn a Silver Medal in an Arena Tournament.
61 Head Hunter Defeat the Hydra 10 times.
62 Fire Fighter Defeat the Phoenix 10 times.
63 Armor Savant Craft the Kaleidoscopic Starmetal Raiment
64 Cerberus Crusher Defeat the Cerberus 10 times.
65 Best Customer Enter the Shop 100 times.
66 Rune Knight Play Knights & Dragons for the first time
67 Fragment Finder Collect a Starcrystal for the first time
68 Crystal Forgemaster Craft a Heroic Armor for the first time
69 Orc Slayer Be #1 on the Orc Slayer Player Leaderboard *Special*
70 Scavenger Slayer Be #1 on the Scavenger Slayer Player Leaderboard *Special*
71 Xantico Slayer Be #1 on the Xantico Slayer Player Leaderboard *Special*
72 Rivenloc Slayer Be #1 on the Rivenloc Slayer Player Leaderboard *Special*
73 Karanid Slayer Be #1 on the Karanid Slayer Player Leaderboard *Special*
74 Royal Skeleton Destroyer Be #1 on the Royal Skeleton Slayer Player Leaderboard *Special*
75 Talren Slayer Be #1 on the Talren Slayer Player Leaderboard *Special*
76 Warg Destroyer Be #1 on the Warg Slayer Player Leaderboard *Special*
77 Raptor Eradicator Be #1 on the Raptor Slayer Player Leaderboard *Special*
78 Kirin Vanquisher Be #1 on the Kirin Slayer Player Leaderboard *Special*
78 Sairys Slayer Be #1 on the Sairys Slayer Player Leaderboard *Special*