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The Aegis of Pyro is a Legendary Fire/Spirit Epic Boss Armor. It is effective against Spirit/Earth armors, but it is ineffective against Water/Fire armors. It is the first Fire/Spirit Epic Boss Armor since the Unicorn's Salvation. It is also the 16th Armor to beat the Moontide Platemail+.  A very interesting thing to note about this armor, is that the plus version of the armour has the exact same total combined stats as the Aegis of Sky Majesty, it also has 11 less total combined stats than the Blazeborne Vanguard and 70 less combined stats than the Forgestone Aegis.  As such, the Aegis of Sky Majesty is now officially replaced. It is also the first Epic Boss Armor to have an attack stat that is over 1700 for the plus version.

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